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Servix Solutions

Data storage and protection

Solutions designed taking into account the data access profile and the types of applications in a simple, intelligent and reliable way with efficiency, data security, scalability and flexibility, essential points to ensure an ideal Storage architecture. Regardless of the workload, the Storage and Data Protection solutions we offer provide the highest performance and fastest response time.

Servix Solutions

Hyperconvergence and the cloud

Hyper-converged solutions enable you to manage complex infrastructures in a simple, dynamic way, with great operational efficiency and cost reduction, as well as the same cloud experience in on-premises environments.

We propose cloud solutions committed to the business strategies required on a daily basis, on-demand, granular and with hardware abstraction. All the architectures offered include hybrid and multicloud architectures that offer more alternatives to optimise costs.

Servix Solutions

Network and Application Monitoring

Application performance management, software and hardware analysis solutions that provide users with in-depth, detailed data visibility and analysis. All with real improvements in the quality of the user experience in mind. Simpler processes, visibility and total control for your IT infrastructure.

Servix Solutions

Data Network
and NOC

What is the best way to interconnect Wi-Fi and other network equipment to deliver the best performance?

We offer high performance solutions for wired or wireless networks that bring efficiency, productivity and quality to your data network. Monitoring that suits your needs.

Servix Solutions

Digital Security and SOC

Not just solutions, but a process! We offer from the first line of defence against cyber threats, with real-time analysis, where we identify and prevent all kinds of malicious action. Through AI, the solutions perform from behavioural assessment to identify threats, such as Malware, Ransomware and Phishing, in zero-day.

Servix Solutions

Security Operations Centre

All plans valid for a number between 200 - 3000 assets.


Bronze Plan

Services included in this plan:

Servix Security Continuous View - SSCV
Monitoring Continuous View 24x7
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA-EL)
Vulnerability Scanning
Servix Security Penetration Test - SSPT
Penetration Test Continuous
1 Pentest + 1 Retest per year

Silver Plan

Services included in this plan:

All from SSCV + items below:
Servix Security Continuous Manager - SSCM
Security Information and Event Managemen (SIEM)
Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
Servix Security Penetration Test - SSPT
Penetration Test Continuous
1 Pentest + 1 Retest per semester

Gold Plan

Included services: Bronze Plan + items below:

All from SSCV + SSCM + items below:
Servix Security Managed Detection and Response - SSMDR
Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA-CO)
Servix Security Penetration Test - SSPT
Penetration Test Continuous
1 Pentest + 1 Retest per quarter

ADDONS + Management Security Service (MSS)

Perimeter Protection Service (NGFW)
Datacenter Protection Service (NGFW)
Endpoint Protection Service (XDR)
Data Extrafiltration Prevention Service (DLP)
Email Security Service
Network Access Control (NAC) Service
Web Application Protection Service (WAF)
Vulnerability Management and Analysis Service
Patch Management Service
Safety Assessment Service
Incident Response Service
Security Applied Intelligence Service (OSINT)
Phising Campaign Service (Social Engineering)
Information Security Awareness Service
Invasion Test Service (PENTEST)

Operating Systems and Virtualisation

Market and specific use platforms.

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