Ícone Storage

From an accurate diagnosis of the environment, our team develops customized solutions that take into account the access profile and data of each application, implementation deadline, best cost-benefit, among other essential points to ensure An ideal storage architecture.

Ícone Data Backup and Recovery

Servix develops strategies to ensure that data is saved in any circumstance, in real time, and with all critical systems of the company operating. Specific tools and features allow you to replicate a robust IT environment in just a few hours. In some cases, the solutions can be applied without directly affecting the company routine.

Ícone Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergent systems allow you to manage complex infrastructures in a simple, dynamic way, with great operational efficiency and cost savings. A new trend that Servix has available in its portfolio, ready to be implemented in several corporate IT environments.

Ícone Public Cloud and Hyper Scalers

Servix specializes in customers with high consumption of On-premises Infrastructure, and following the most modern technologies and flexible models on the market, we also offer Public Cloud solutions (Hypercalcators). This set of offers puts Servix in a unique position to compose the solutions that best fit the demand model, allowing customization and modernization of the offer. We have solutions for 100% Cloud or Hybrid environments, using market reference solutions to add Cloud functionality in an on-premises environment, taking advantage of the best of both business models.

Ícone Performance of
Networks and Applications

With Servix intelligence it is possible to analyze and optimize the performance of networks and applications to generate real improvements in the quality of the user experience. More simplicity in processes, visibility and total control for your IT infrastructure.

Ícone Data network

What is the best way to connect Wi-Fi and Wired (LAN/WAN) equipment to deliver the best experience for business users? Servix offers sophisticated, more stable, secure and customized network solutions for each customer.

Ícone Security

Miscellaneous mobile devices Connect to hardware that share information on internal networks and also in the cloud. A complex system that needs effective security solutions. Servix develops and deploys risk management programs that involve people, processes and technologies across all layers of the organization. End-to-end security to minimize risk and ensure data integrity.

Ícone Servers

High performance servers for all types of environments regardless of need. Combining scalability and versatility.

Ícone Design, High Performance etv

Supporting innovation from end-user computers to the cloud data center, while offering unmatched performance and capabilities.

Ícone Monitoring of Operational Centers

Centralization of all data and network protection demands, focusing on prevention, detection, rapid responses and vulnerability assessment.

Ícone Operational Systems and Virtualization

Market and specific use platforms.

Ícone Interoperability and Data Governance

(Português) Com soluções líderes de mercado, a Servix traz plataformas com barramento de interoperabilidade, governança, análise e tratamento de dados em suas mãos.

  • Ícone Management <br> of infrastructure Management
    of infrastructure
  • This is the ideal entry point for organizations that want to optimize and transition their business. The Servis infrastructure includes: Managed platforms, managed operating systems (OS), managed database, managed storage, managed network, managed unified communications.

  • Ícone Support <br> Singlepoint Support
  • When something goes wrong with your environment you need the help of experts able to offer solutions quickly. The SinglePoint Servix support has authorized senior engineers 1st and 2nd level by NetApp, Nutanix, Riverbed, Extreme and Ruckus.

  • Ícone Monitoring <br> of networks and applications Monitoring
    of networks and applications
  • In a single platform it is possible to visualize the entire IT environment, identify and resolve network bottlenecks, application independence, environment capacity planning and proactive monitoring of networks and applications.

  • Ícone Management <br> High Availability Management
    High Availability
  • Servix technology ensures that critical systems are always working, thanks to the inclusion of secondary systems that contribute to eliminating possible vulnerable points of the infrastructure.

  • Ícone Enterprise Hosting <br> & Colocation Enterprise Hosting
    & Colocation
  • Find out which collocation and cloud providers are best suited for your demand. It is possible to generate agility, cost and capacity comparisons on platforms such as SAP, Windows, HP-UX, Tru64 UNIX, AIX, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange.

  • Ícone Services <br> Aggregates Services
  • Servix aggregates in its portfolio IaaS – infrastructure as a service. We deliver not only the infrastructure needed for the business, but services such as planning, implementation and project management. In addition to the reduction of TCO and initial investments, with the possibility of tax gains.